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What is Simcountry?
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The Development Index

The development index is a compilation of several aspects of the country's development. The development index will become a major factor in the status of countries and their ability to develop certain industries, develop their army capabilities and more.

The Development Index has 10 components:

1. The participation percentage of people in the economy

2. The percentage in the country of employed High tech executives.

3. The average upgrade level of corporations in the country.

4. Salary levels in the country and the length of the work week. (the work week component will be added in the future).

5. The Country Assets

6. The sum of the health, education, transportation, social security indexes

7. The sum of the industrial index, the financial index and the employment indexes

8. The pollution level in the country (will be implemented at a later stage)

9. Per capita level of income, pensions, real estate values and the investment funds

10. Value of corporations, concessions for natural resources, and industrial patents and industrial R&D (not implemented yet).

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