Stop the war Booster ( Suggestion - not implemented )

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Stop the war Booster ( Suggestion - not implemented )

We suggest the addition of a booster that will stop a war after it was declared. The booster will remove the war declaration and if the war is already started, it will stop it immediately.

The booster is intended to prevent the destruction of a country you want to keep and you feel unable to do so because the enemy is too strong or your country is not well enough prepared and organized for war.

There is however a price to pay.

The booster will carry a cost of 30 gold coins. 20 gold coins will be given to the country that was first to declare the war that is now stopped. In addition, the attacked country will get several days of war protection and may decide to either rebuild its army, moving materials from other entities or to prolong the war protection period and prevent war.

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