Automatic Deactivations - Existing Feature

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Automatic Deactivations - Existing Feature

In some cases, automatic deactivation can be triggered and the army is reduced even against the will and wish of the president.

There are several circumstances that can trigger such deactivations.
1. If the country has Low Level Worker shortages or (more often) shortage of Mid Level Managers (Officers), automatic deactivation will be triggered. 20% of all units will be deactivated and any reactivation will be prevented for three game months. If shortages continue, deactivation will continue at 20% per game month until the number of active weapons and as a result, the number of soldiers and officers needed in the army, declines to a level the country can sustain.
2. If the number of bases is too small and more than 40.000 weapons are based in each of the existing bases, deactivation will take place to reduce the number of active weapons to 40.000 per military base. These numbers are counted separately for defensive, offensive and strategic bases.
3. Low government salaries in the country at a level lower than 75 will cause gradual, small scale deactivation. It will be in the order of less than 5% per game month. Once the government salary levels are increased above 75, the deactivation will stop.

In all these cases, a clear message is showing in the country newspaper.

If automatic deactivation is triggered, it becomes impossible to move weapons into the country from any other country.

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