Space Station Exclusive Trading

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What is Simcountry?
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Space Station Exclusive Trading

Some products are now trading on space stations only. These products are mainly strategic weapons and materials that are used in the nuclear industry.

The products that are currently trading on space stations only are:
- Nuclear Missile batteries
- Nuclear Missiles
- Chemical Missile Batteries
- Chemical Missiles
- Tactical Nuclear Launchers
- Tactical Nuclear Weapons
- Strategic Bombers
- Strategic Bombs
- Nuclear Submarine Missiles
- Plutonium
- Weapon Grade Uranium
- Spacecraft Maintenance Units

More products will be moved to Space Trading only. (June 15). This products are:>br> - Conventional Missile Batteries
- Conventional Missiles

All products, including the above mentioned products, can always be traded in direct player to player contracts and one time sales on all worlds.

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