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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Selling Countries

When a country is sold, its history of population sales is forgotten. The remaining empire, if it has sold some of its population, will remain damaged, especially if the numbers sold are large.

Countries that have lost large numbers of their population have a damaged population model. When population is sold away, some age groups are depleted more than others and the remaining population is not balanced between the aged groups. The country will take a long time to recover and the population will decrease much more even if population sales stop. Buying such a country is not a good idea.

Countries that belong to an empire that has sold more than 5 millions of its population will not be traded until that damage is repaired. This will protect players from purchasing a heavily damaged country without knowing about it.

Selling population after the country is offered for sale will make the actual sale of the country impossible. Population numbers at the time of the sale of the country must be at about the same level they were when the country was offered for sale.

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