Retaining Products in Corporations

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Retaining Products in Corporations

Corporations can retain products within the corporation and put them on the market at a later stage.

Players can also store any products, even in very large quantities, in their countries or enterprises.

It is also possible to contract the entire output of a corporation, or a certain part of it to the country or the enterprise.

Retaining very large quantities of products in corporations can distort the real production level and turnover of corporations. It is possible to retain products for a long period and not sell any product for a long time. This is quite unrealistic and it is also misused to manipulate the value of corporations.

We are gradually reducing the max amount of products that can be stored in the corporations. Storing products in countries and enterprises remains unchanged.

Currently if a corporation retains product quantities that are too large, a percentage of the products will be sold on the market each game month. The max quantities however is very large.

With these reductions in max quantity, products might end up sold on the market automatically at an earlier stage. this can easily be prevented by contracting the products to the owner country or enterprise.

Retaining products for 10 to 20 game months will remain possible.

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