Recent reductions in numbers

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What is Simcountry?
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Recent reductions in numbers

A major reduction in the numbers has taken place in the past week. Countries have seen a decline in cost that was even larger than initially expected.

Corporation revenues are reduced and mainly the sale of products above quality is now obsolete because the differences between requested and offered quality became too wide. The cost of raw materials and other cost followed with the expected delay. Currently, although profits declined with the declining numbers, even more corporations than before are profitable.

The decline is not completed yet but results seem more stable. We expect more (smaller) declines in the future.

The total value of assets declined after the change and caused some worries, including the thought that all values will dissipate entirely. This was despite repeated explanation of the process by the gamemaster of the way these changes will influence assets and pricing and the expected delays.

In the mean time, asset values recovered and shot past their values before the change. Asset values will continue to fluctuate (as they always did) and in the long run, we expect them to have a lower value in game money but a higher value in Gold coins.

All products in Simcountry cost less than before. This includes weapons and ammunition and of course all products that are used as raw materials. Countries spend less and the cost of building an army, are significantly lower. In general, the amount of game money needed to run the country, declined significantly over the last couple of months.

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