Quality of Military Units and garrisons

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Quality of Military Units and garrisons

We have now implemented the upgrading process of military units and garrisons. You can use both weapons and ammunition upgrading products to start increasing the fighting quality of military units and garrisons, month by month.

The fighting level of upgraded units and garrisons will start rising but the effective level will remain at 100% until the next week, when the updated war engine will start using the quality of the units and garrisons in battle.

Navy quality upgrading is not implemented yet and will be added at a later stage.

In the coming weeks, we will gradually increase the max level of weapons, ammunition and the effective fighting level. The numbers are showing on the military units and garrisons pages where several pages have been added to allow for the upgrading process and also make it possible to enter quality targets.

Some weapons, ammunition and units will be allowed to be upgraded to very high levels. For some weapons, very high levels do not make sense because the destruction capacity at quality 200 may already reach 100%. In cases where upgrading is just costly and does not help, we will implement max levels per weapon and ammunition type, to prevent players from spending their money for zero effect.

We expect shortages of the weapons and ammunition upgrading products and advise you to start some corporations producing them. These corporations will be very profitable for quite some time as we do not expect enough of them being created to cause a price reduction.

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