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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Asset stability

Countries and enterprises are all at risk of being destroyed and their assets can disappear. Many have discussed this before and with more players contributing to the game, this is increasingly an issue.

The risk of war for countries is quite big and going on vacation for several days can end up with a lost country that took two years to build up. We have introduced the vacation mode for temporary war protection but this is not a sufficient solution.

Enterprises run the risk of their corporations being bombed out of existence very quickly while they are not a party in the conflict and the choice of countries for setting up corporations is tricky as the CEO must asses the chance of being involved in war.

We intend to add several features that will help protect the assets of such countries and enterprises and we will limit the protection to contributing players.

Public corporations that are enterprise controlled and private corporations will be protected during war and will not be subject to attacks and destruction. They might suffer from war because workers may be in the army but such corporations will not be destroyed.

When a contributing country loses a war, it will have the choice of letting the country go into the hands of the winning president or the president will have the possibility to hand out a major fraction of the asset value of the country in its current state and prevent a takeover.

Presidents will have the possibility to make the choice for each country at any time before the country may lose a war and do not need to make such a choice when the war is lost.

Wars with contributing countries will have slightly smaller attack limits and these countries will be able to incur higher debt before they are declared bankrupt. This will give presidents more time to fix their countries finances.

All these measures will improve the stability of countries and enterprises and will give contributing players some more security.

The changes will be implemented in the coming weeks.

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