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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Population in Countries

The max number of population in a single country is now increased to 300M. At that level, the population should decline quickly as the birth rate becomes very low. To prevent the population from declining, we have fixed the 0-4 years old group and do not allow it to decline unless you are selling population.
This feature was introduced many months ago and ever since its introduction, population numbers are not declining.

In case you are selling population, the natural decline will go into full force and will continue for a long time. Your population could end up 20M lower before the decline stops or you could purchase several millions in population to compensate for the sale and return to stable numbers.

It is impossible to grow population numbers by natural growth to the 300M level or even to n 80M level. Natural growth stop at a much lower population number, (50-60M) and that limit depends on the health index. The higher the health index, the higher the natural growth can reach.

The population can continue to grow by the purchase of population on the direct trading market. The measures taken to stop the population from declining just made sure that if you purchase population, it is not dying off.

Small declines can continue however, due to natural death in all age groups. Babies and kids but also adults can die before old age and this continues but these numbers are small.

The largest decline in the past was caused by reduced birth rates. This is no longer a problem.

The detailed numbers on the population pages can be incorrect when the population is very large. The formulas computing the number of births and natural death numbers will be updated to reflect these corrections.

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