The War Engine - Update 8: Air Force Units

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The War Engine - Update 8: Air Force Units

Air force units will be created in the same way as land based army units. Air force units can have up to 200 airplanes and can contain multiple types of airplanes. Drones as an exception will count for 0.2 airplane. An air force unit that contains drones only, may have up to 1000 drones.

Initially, an air force unit will have either defensive or offensive aircraft and will be used to either support military units on the ground and to fight the enemy air force or they will be used to defend targets or military units against any attacks.

At a later stage, the distinction between defensive and offensive air units will be removed and most airplanes will have both a defensive and an offensive function.

Air force units will be stationed at a military airport and operate within a limited range around that base. It is possible to move air force units to a different airbase and it is possible that such units will be moved to a base in a conquered area in another country.

If an air force unit is moved to an airport in a conquered area, or it is given temporarily to another country and based in that country, it will operate within its range around the new airport wherever that airport is located.

Air force units must be supplied with ammunition, fuel and supplies. This will take place using supply units if the air force unit is located in the same country or can be reached by land and it will require air support units if the air force unit is located at a location that cannot be reached by land.

Air force units will be effective against land targets, cities, military bases etc. and against military units. The precision of the attacks and destruction power will depend on several essential factors. The most important factor is the proximity of your land forces to the target the air force attacks.

If your army if not close to the target an air force unit attacks, the hit rate and destruction power of the air attack will be limited. Army units must be close to such a target to make the air force effective.

Another factor is the quality of the air force unit. The number of airplanes that participate in an attack is limited to the size of the air force unit and the quality of the unit and the quality of the ammunition become essential.

Destroying cities and other land targets will be less important than it is now and wars will not be won by just flattening each and every target in sight. The air force will be an essential force that supports land based units in their effort to block an attack or in conquering enemy territory.

The numbers as used in this description will be used in the initial setup of the air force units but may be changed later.

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