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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Population growth Updated

Population now grows faster in countries where numbers are low. Beginner countries will see a gradual increase in starting numbers and growth will accelerate.
Population growth becomes slower in more populous countries (this is unchanged) and becomes negative in countries with very high numbers. Also this is unchanged.

Many players use the cash market to increase their population much faster but this was limited to some max population number. The max population number is now removed. Everyone can now increase their population without a limit using the cash market.

Population numbers will however keep declining in very populous countries as they did before and maintaining very high population numbers will require repeated purchases on the cash market. Very high numbers remain hard to achieve and too expensive. We advise against it. The reason for the change is part of an effort to remove many limitations as long as the removal does not open the game functions to fraud.

It is also possible to offer population for transfer using the cash market. We advise you to limit the use of the feature due to damage to the source country.
Numbers of people in the young adult age groups are declining severely when population is transferred out of the country. This causes a reduction in the number of births and the remaining population may age and decline quickly after such transfers and keep declining for an extended period until the distribution across the age groups has corrected itself.

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