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What is Simcountry?
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New Feature: The professional Army

The professional army is quite different from the regular army and stands outside the regular population and its members cannot participate in the economy of the country.

The professional army consists of soldiers and officers that are hired to serve in the army and are not part of the population. They can be seen as mercenaries, hired guns or any other description that makes clear that they are here to be in the army and nothing else.

Most countries do not have a professional army and most of them do not need it. If the country has a small army, mainly intended for the defense of the country and it is only a small number of soldiers and officers that do not have a large impact on the economy then a professional army is not needed.
Those who want a professional army will have to purchase groups of soldiers and officers and the more they purchase the larger their professional army will be.

When the army is checking the availability of crews to operate its weapons, it will always check if there are available professional soldiers and officers. If there are some available it will use them to operate its weapons. When everyone in the professional army is already in active service, and more soldiers and officers are needed, these will be recruited from the ranks of the low level workers and medium level officers as is the practice when no professionals are available.

The professional army does not have age groups, it has no sick or wounded and when soldiers age, they are automatically replaced by new recruits. It does however have losses during war and in fact, losses are always assumed in the professional army if the country has such an army. In this way, the impact of war losses will have no effect, or a reduced effect on the general population. Civilian losses stand separate from the army losses and do have an impact of the general population.

Professional soldiers and officers that are used in the army receive the same salary as the existing soldiers and officers. In case some of the professional soldiers or officers are not used in the army, they are not paid.

Purchasing a professional army

Professional soldiers and officers can be purchased on the direct market. Both are seen as a resource that can be purchased or sold on the open market. Purchasing will be for 3.000 officers and for 10.000 soldiers.

Organizing the Army

The army management procedure in Simcountry is repeatedly looking at the human resources that are needed for the army and updates the operating model as needed.

The highest priority is the organization of the mobile units. Mobile units are currently not part of Simcountry but they will be added in the near future. Specifications of the functioning of mobile units will follow.

Next, all military units are checked for the soldiers and officers needed. Professional soldiers and officers will be used as long as these are available. If not available, recruitment will continue from the ranks of workers and medium level managers.

The same will then take place, checking all garrisons and making sure these are fully manned and have the needed crews.

If more professional soldiers and officers are available, they will operate all other weapons that are available in the country. If even more are available, they will remain unused and available if needed when the army becomes larger.

It is possible, at any time, to purchase more professionals and add them to the available numbers. Within several hours after such a purchase, the new professionals will join the army, freeing the same numbers of soldiers and officers that were recruited from the general population and will allow them to return to civilian jobs.

It is also possible to sell groups of professional soldiers and officers on the direct trading market to other players and reduce their numbers in your country. Within several hours after such a reduction, the army will update its operations and hire more low level workers and medium level managers to replace the professional soldiers and officers.

If you purchase these professionals on the direct trading market and move them to your country, they will be used automatically as part of your army. Not having them or reducing their numbers will also automatically change the army to replace them. There is no need to micro manage the army and its military units or weapons.

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