Moving weapons to other countries

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Moving weapons to other countries

Moving weapons between countries in the empire is used a lot to enable some countries in the empire to wage war while the weapons were initially stored in one of the larger countries in the empire where assets are kept secured. This is designed to allow an empire to take some risk and keep some of its assets safe.

Weapon transports do require that the receiving country does have the manpower to absorb the weapons. If the receiving country does not have the necessary manpower and had suffered a very recent automatic de-activation of weapons, such weapon transports will be prohibited until the country is increasing its number of soldiers and officers and is able to absorb the weapons.

Population transfers will help of course as such transfers increase the numbers of people in the groups that are recruited to the army.

This feature is aimed at solving a problem with small countries that are quickly overloaded with many weapons and used to attack large countries while in fact, the number of people in the country is not able to support a large army. The de-activation process was insufficient to move the huge quantities of weapons to the reserves fast enough to prevent large attacks by a defunct army that did not in fact have any soldiers.

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