Medium Level Workers and other worker shortages

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What is Simcountry?
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Medium Level Workers and other worker shortages

Some structural shortages keep showing up in some countries, and some players wonder what the reason is for these shortages.

Most shortages show up in very populous countries that have excellent education. The number of people educated each month exceeds in fact the number of students in these countries. This should not happen and the education system should be updated to limit the number of graduates.

As a result of this error, the number of professionals is growing too fast, too high and they come from the numbers of workers. The education system does not produce new people. It moves people from one group to another. Too many workers are in fact being graduated into high level professionals and the number of workers is declining.

We can keep tuning the algorithm that decides where to take the workers from. We have done so again in today?s update. It is either low level workers or medium level workers. The tuning of the numbers does not change the fundamental problem of too many graduates in an overheated education system.

We plan to update the education system and make sure it will never produce more people coming out, graduated, than the number of students going into the education system. This will solve the problem once and for all.

In the mean time, countries that have that problem are converting professionals back to workers. Instead, you can tune down the education system, reducing the numbers of graduates and mainly the number of unemployed graduates and by doing so, solve the problem of low workers numbers.

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