Solid Missile Fuel

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Solid Missile Fuel

As of today, we have added Solid Missile Fuel as a new product in Simcountry. There is a new type of corporation that is producing Solid Missile Fuel and several types of missiles corporations are already using the product. These include land based and sea based cruise missiles and all types of nuclear missiles. In time, we will update more types of missiles to use the product.

The solid missile fuel corporations use large quantities of chemicals in the production process. This will replace much of the chemicals that were used in the production of many types of missiles. The profitability of the existing corporations did not change

The new type of corporation is very large. Employing more than 200.000 workers, it is one of the largest types of corporations in the game.

Cargo shuttles that will be introduced into the game in the near future will also use Solid Missile Fuel to power their engines. Solid Missile Fuel will also be stored on space stations to allow refueling of cargo Shuttles.

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