Interventions in the employment and unemployment numbers

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Interventions in the employment and unemployment numbers

If a country has very large numbers of unemployed in any group or a severe shortage in any other group of workers, the support function will move people from one group to another. It will, in several steps, eliminate shortages and remove very large numbers of unemployed. This will have an effect on the numbers in all groups and the balance will influence the numbers in the low level workers group.

The function does not have any effect on the number of the population in the country. The result of this intervention is that corporations are able to hire the people they need. The function does not cure all problems within a single game month. It makes small corrections each game month. Within several days, the employment situation will find a new balance, employment will grow and the function will stop its intervention as long as the balanced situation continues.

If the player is becoming experienced with the education system, the interventions will become obsolete.

The changes are now faster than before and they apply to all new players.

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