Gamemaster Offers of Gold Coins for Simcountry Dollars

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Gamemaster Offers of Gold Coins for Simcountry Dollars

We had some players arguing that there are far too few offers of gold coins for Simcountry Dollars to allow for a significant reduction of cash reserves in countries and enterprises.

The gamemaster does not want to intervene in this market and we have tried to stay out of gold coin offerings.

As a temporary measure, we are now offering Gold Coins for Simcountry dollars. 10 offers for 5 gold coins each are now available and we will look into the amounts that are offered in the coming days.

Depending on the number of offers and the amounts that are involved, we will either reduce or eliminate these offers and we may increase their numbers.

When cash levels in countries and enterprises reach much lower levels, gamemaster offers of gold coins will be eliminated.

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