Private corporations and rehabilitation of disabled people

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What is Simcountry?
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Private corporations and rehabilitation of disabled people

Private corporations will contribute to the rehabilitation of disabled people. Private corporations will in fact help in special treatment of disabled people and their contribution to the country will make it possible to create the rehabilitation facilities.

The number of disabled people that can re-enter the labor market will be set to 30.000 per private corporation in the country. The disabled will be treated in special clinics in a similar way war wounded are treated. The country can convert hospitals into rehabilitation clinics to return disabled people back into the labor market.

This feature will make it possible increase the percentage of people in the country that participate in the economic process and it makes it possible to build more corporations with the same population numbers. It will also help to reduce the payments for social security that are paid to disabled people and constitute a major cost each month.

The combined effect of the improvements in private corporations will multiply their profitability and large part of the profit will remain in the country while the use of human resources is reduced so that many more corporations can be sustained.

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