Game levels without any defense

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Game levels without any defense

For players who are not interested in the war game and do not want to build an army, we have set up a different game level scheme that does not require any defense being set up.

The requirements for the some of the financial and economic indexes are different and they must reach higher levels before a next game level is awarded.

This issue became more urgent because of the game level requirements when setting up some types of corporations. Players with no army, used to remain in game level 1 and these players are now unable to setup more advanced corporations. This change will allow them to move up the levels, get level awards and setup corporations that require higher game levels.

Choice of game level scheme is up to the player. You can make your choice of scheme on the game levels page and your game level will be recomputed according to the scheme you have chosen. The choice of scheme can be changed at any time.

The exact details of all average index values that are needed for all game levels are described in the features document (document menu).

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