Game Levels requirements and game level awards

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What is Simcountry?
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Game Levels requirements and game level awards

Many changes are taking place in the requirements for game levels. Some are connected to the upcoming game level tutorial that will allow new players to move up to game level 2 very easily while explaining what needs to be done.

Other changes are aimed at making game levels differ more from one to another and in the process, increase the number of gold coins that can be obtained with each game level. Larger numbers of gold coins are now awarded for most game levels.

The cash requirement and population requirement have been increased slightly for the lower levels and more for the higher game levels.

The defensive index requirement is increasing in the process of phasing it out. Reaching higher game levels, now depends on either reaching the required war level or achieving the defensive index requirements.
The defense index level is now a separate requirement for reaching higher game levels.

The war index is also added as a separate requirement but the values needed, are such that it will only influence empires with countries in war and in a devastated condition.

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