The Simcountry co-marketing program

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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The Simcountry co-marketing program

Many players have registered to the co-marketing program and our communication with these players was to date at a very low level. We intend to change this in the coming months.

Simcountry will improve the current co-marketing program and make sure all full member registrations that resulted from the program are paid on a timely bases. In addition, detailed reports will become available, showing all activity that resulted from the cooperation.

In addition, simcountry will have a new co-marketing feature that will reward players for the creation of links to the simcountry site and payout 10 gold coins for every month the link is in place. We expect each link to be on a different domain and will accept multiple links from a single co-marketing partner.

Exact numbers will be published at a later stage but we expect to accept from one to many links form each co-marketing partner and will also look at linking the value of the links to the originating page ranks.

Simcountry will check the existence of the links, using the URL supplied by the co-marketing partner with each and every link. If the check is successful, the link will count as active.

This function will become active in September. Links will be considered active after being checked for the first time on the start date of the program. Registration to the program and the possibility to enter URLs will start in the first week of September and links existing at that time will be counted.

Anyone who is interested in participation in the program can place such links as of now and keep the list of URLs, to be entered into our registration system at the beginning of September.

Gold coins that are earned in this co-marketing program, can be used in the game and larger numbers can be cashed out. Simcountry will allow players who are earning gold coins in this co-marketing program, to cash out their gold coins more easily.

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