De-activation of weapons

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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De-activation of weapons

If a country cannot maintain it army, some of its weapons are automatically moved into the reserves. This process is essential in preventing countries from building huge armies while they are unable to maintain them and do not have the soldiers and officers needed for such an army.

It is possible for any country to keep buying weapons but if there is no manpower in the army, these weapons are stored and can be activated when more people are available for the army.

Deactivation is now extended to army units and garrisons. If the army does not have the soldiers and officers to serve in the army units, these units and garrisons do not really exist and their weapons are returned to the reserves. 20% of all army units will be dismantled each game month if the army is short of manpower.

When automatic de-activation have taken place, it is impossible to immediately re-activate the weapons. Re-activation will be possible, if the army is fully manned and if no automatic de-activation has taken place in the previous two game months.

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