Automatic selling of products.

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Automatic selling of products.

As announced before, countries that are in fact bankrupt, are now selling a small amount of products, automatically to try and restore their financial situation.

The sale only takes place if the country has more than -1T in cash (meaning that is has another 16T in loans). And the player is experienced enough to understand what he needs to do but he doesn?t.

The feature can be turned off easily but a transfer of funds into the country, making sure the cash is positive. There is no need to pay back all loans.

There are only a small number of such countries and they have also stopped placing orders for products they need. This results in negative stocks of products that will be ordered once the country has some cash.

We do not think that a country should land in such a situation and it should in fact be declared bankrupt and removed. This feature is a measure of last resort to prevent bankruptcy.

After using this feature for some time, we may decide that it helps these countries or if it does not, declare them bankrupt and removed them from the empire. As with all bankruptcies, other countries in the empire will inherit all cash of these countries and all loans too.

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