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What is Simcountry?
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Military Units Quality

Military units will have different quality levels and their fighting power will strongly depend on their quality. The quality of the unit will be defined as the average of the weapons and ammunition quality indicators.

In some cases, where units can have a different range, ammunition quality may have an influence on the range of the unit.

The quality of military units is now showing on the unit details and on the unit lists. There are indicators for the quality of the weapons and the quality of the ammunition.

Although units may in time develop to very high quality levels, the effective quality of the units will also be limited by the minimum quality and max quality limitations that are now both set to 100.

Once the military unit quality is implemented, both limits will start spreading. The minimum quality of both weapons and ammunition will be allowed to decrease and the maximum quality will be set to increase gradually.

The initial weapons quality of the unit will be the average quality of all the weapons in the unit, divided by 2. The initial ammunition quality of the unit will be the average quality of all the types and numbers of ammunition the units has, divided by 2.

Average here means the weighted average of the weapons or ammunition. If the unit has 400 weapons of one type and 200 of another type then the average weapon quality of the unit will be computed as 400 times the quality of the first weapon plus 200 times the quality of the second weapon, divided by 600. In this way, weapons that are used in larger numbers in the military unit will have more influence on the weapon quality of the unit than weapons that are used in smaller numbers.

Although more details concerning the quality of military units are becoming visible, the feature is not complete yet and remains inactive.

We will continue weekly updates and add all the necessary details to make the military unit quality and upgrading procedures operational. This will include all the products that are needed in the process. When all done, we will update the war engine to take the quality into account.

Stay tuned to more details on the working of quality in military units, time dependent decline in quality, and the effects of increasing or decreasing the size of the units, delivery of ammunition and weapons to units and the case of disbanding units.

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