Game Levels and Game Level Requirements

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Game Levels and Game Level Requirements

Simcountry has 16 game levels. More levels will be implemented in the future. There are Game Levels for players, who are playing the full game, including the war game and have built up their defenses and there is a separate Game Level system that is aimed at players who are not interested in the war game and have not built any defense forces.
Players can freely switch between the two systems, using the Game Levels page.

Every new player starts at level 1 and can move to higher levels if his/her country reached the required benchmarks.

The level is assigned separately in each world. If you have countries and enterprises in several worlds, each one of them may have a different game level.

Each level has specific requirements. When these are reached, the country will move to the next level and the player will receive an award. (Premium players receive gold coin awards. Free players do not receive any gold coins).

The game level appears on the home page of each of your countries. If you have an empire, it will also show on the empire page. The game level shows, with the current values of the relevant indexes and the required (average) values of these indexes for the next level.

All countries in all worlds are assigned a level number between 1 and 16. The requirements for each level may change from time to time.

Game levels are assigned to empires and sometimes require the player to have multiple countries and enterprises. If a player has one country in a world, the level is assigned to the country. If there are multiple countries in one world (an empire) the level is assigned to the empire and it is based on the average of the indexes in all the countries in the empire.

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