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What is Simcountry?
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Accepting bids

The player who made offers on the market can see the list of his offers and can also see all the bids made for his offer. When no bids have been entered for an offer, the player can retract his offer and remove it from the market. He can re offer that same asset for a different price and the bidding period will restart. Once a bid is entered, the offer cannot be retracted and it will end within several real days. The highest bid will be accepted.

The player who made the offer may however decide differently but must do so before the bidding period is concluded with a sale. The player can review the list of the bidders and can accept any offer he wants. The player may contact the bidders (the bidding list includes a link for direct messaging with the bidders) during that period and communicate with them about their bids, ask them to raise their bids and negotiate outside the bidding procedure.

The player, who made the offer, may decide to close the sale before the bidding period is ended and accept any of the bids on the list even if it is not the highest.

Extending the bidding period is impossible. All offers will be terminated when the bidding period is ended, even if there are no bids. The player who offered the asset is free to re offer it on the market for the same minimum price or for any other price.

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