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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Beginner CEOs

CEOs can make bids for corporations in countries with presidents, only if they already own 6 corporations. They can always bid for corporations in countries without presidents and the bidding process is faster as permission is automatic and immediate.

This measure is taken to prevent some unpleasant effects of newly installed CEOs and bids that caused tension between players. It is now more complex to launch such bids and new players usually need to play for some time before they can launch such takeover bids. This rule applies for both tryout members and for Premium Members who are playing simcountry for less than 42 days. header class="documentation"] CEO Corporations in a Single Country

The number of CEO corporations a CEO can set up in a single country is limited to 20 if the CEO is also the owner of the country. The number is 6 if the CEO is not the owner of the country. Once the number is reached, no new corporations can be set up in that country by the same CEO. It is not possible to move corporations that are owned by the same CEO into that country.

There is however another way for a CEO to increase the number of corporations in a country, using the share market.
Any enterprise can purchase shares on the share market, including shares of public corporations that are in a country owned by the same player. Repeated offers of share by the country on the share market and continuous purchases by the CEO may result in the CEO becoming the major shareholder and gaining control of that corporation. The CEO may even become a 100% shareholder, taking the corporation out of the share market.

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