Workers and soldiers in war situations

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What is Simcountry?
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Workers and soldiers in war situations

When you are at war with many soldiers and officers dead and wounded, new soldiers are recruited from the ranks of low-level workers and officers from the group medium-level managers up to 50 years old.

If this happens on a large scale it can create a shortage of workers in these groups and corporations start reducing their production for lack of workers. When they reduce production, many workers in other groups lose their jobs and unemployment levels will increase.

You should treat the wounded as fast as you can (In military hospitals) so they can return quickly to the workers groups. Reducing the army by moving some of the weapons to the reserves will reduce the numbers in the army and free the soldiers to become workers again. When corporations are back to 100% production, you can start re-activating some of the weapons.

In addition, the workers market adapts itself and people start moving from the groups with too many unemployed to groups were workers are needed.

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