Building your army

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Building your army

You can buy weapons to defend your country and to attack (or deter) others. There are 3 kinds of weapons: defensive, offensive, and strategic. The Defense Index is a combination of all three. You can manage each type of weaponry by clicking on the appropriate Index link in the war menu at the top-of-the-page menu. Search for the "purchase more weapons and ammunition page" to buy weapons. All these functions are directly available in the top menu showing on every page.

Investing too much money in weapons is harmful in two ways. First, you might not have enough funds left for schools, social security, etc. Second, your army needs soldiers and officers.

Officers are taken from the group of medium level managers. Many of these managers are employed in your corporations and if the numbers in the country are insufficient for both the industry and the army, medium level managers will leave the corporations where they work and join the army. This may damage economic growth to the point where your economy will decline rapidly.

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