Why should there be good social security payments?

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What is Simcountry?
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Why should there be good social security payments?

Not necessarily. The level depends on your own judgment. If payments are low, it will make people spend less and they will of course pay less tax. It will also reduce the good feeling people have about their country and reduce their motivation and production. On the other hand, government will pay less in social security payments and spare itself a fortune. You can see this in the monthly report on the financial page. The social security page also shows how much it will cost to increase payments by one percent.

Good social security payments will increase motivation and your score too. It will also increase the cost per month and reduce the financial index that will in turn reduce your score.

The best of course is to have a high level of social security payments and a low percentage of unemployment that will keep the number of people who receive these payments down.

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