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What is Simcountry?
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Air Landings of Units

It is possible to build and transport airborne units and airdrop them from the air anywhere within a range of 3.000 the need for an airport.

Landing of such units can be done in any country that belongs to the empire or any country that belongs to a member of the federation or into any country that gave permission for your army units to enter.

Landings can also take place into any country you are fighting with. If war has started between your own country and any other country, you can send army units to be landed into that country.

There are two types of units that can be dropped and land from the air.

Special forces.

This is a small unit that can be transported quickly, land anywhere in enemy territory (or in a friendly country) and go into action.

Landing in an enemy country, Special Forces can attack any targets, conquer land assets and destroy enemy forces or assets. Special Forces are small and will not win a war but they can create a bridgehead for further landing of forces.

Airport Construction Unit

This unit is specialized in the building of an airport wherever it lands. The unit is built with one rapid deployment unit and flown in several transport airplanes to the chosen dropping place.

Once it is landed, it will start building an airport. The unit will defend itself against attacks but can of course be destroyed by the enemy.

Airport Construction Units do not move from the place they landed. They start building the airport and will complete construction within 12 hours (real time).

If the unit survives on the ground for 12 hours, it will complete the building of the airport and once finished, will convert itself to a depot, with all the remaining weapons and ammunition it has. The unit itself will cease to exist.

The new airport can be used to land any other military units coming from your country and will enable a fast expansion of your forces at the landing place.

You enemy may make a large effort to destroy the airport construction unit before the airport is built or after it is completed.

You may land many such units and also Special Forces that can help in the defense of the airport construction units and the defense of your new airbases while new forces are being airlifted.

Supplies can be delivered by air. Such deliveries are taken care of by air supply units that are based in your own country or at a friendly airport.

The war menus and corresponding pages are available for the setup and maintenance of these units.

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