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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Workers Education

The education system is taking 18 years old students into the universities and turn out professionals. Education priorities are as you already know, set by the player.

There are no education priorities for workers. Workers are recruited from all age groups of 15 years and up. The workers are considered to have lower education levels and they learn their profession on the job.

Many of the workers move from being a Low-level worker to medium-level worker and to high-level worker. The movements between these groups are taking place all the time and depend on the numbers available and needed in the other groups and also depend on time related factors. It is impossible to assume that a million workers will move to another profession in a single month, the numbers of moving workers are limited.

Many countries have workers shortages. The way to deal with the problem is by upgrading the corporations in the country. If corporations become more effective, they reduce the need for lower level workers and hire more high-level managers, engineers and executives. The total number of workers is reduced. This will reduce the need for workers and free some for new corporations.

Having another look at the army helps too. If part of the army becomes reserve army, the number of soldiers will decrease and many will be available on the labor market. The cost of defense will be reduced and the weapons can be reactivated in case of war.

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