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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Enterprise loans

Many times an enterprise will not have the money to purchase or start a new corporation. It may do so anyway and receive a loan. Loans can be requested for or given automatically if cash is in the red.

Be careful however with these loans. They add up and so does the monthly interest payment. The interest percentage on loans depends on the source for the money. Fellow users, who have more cash than they need, use the money to generate extra income and provide loans. When loans from users are not available on the money market, the worldbank provides the loans.

Interest rates on loans from players and on loans provided for by the world bank is not high.

If a loan is provided by another player interest rates may be very low and remain at 1%. If the loans are obtained from the world bank, the interest rates start at 1% but as the total amount of loans you have is increasing, so will the interest rate and it might reach 3%.

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