Empire Leader Country Privileges

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Empire Leader Country Privileges

All empires have a leader country. The leadership position is showing on the home page of the country. Other countries in the empire also show a message that indicates that the country is a member of an empire.

Clicking on the empire button on the home page empire gadget shows the empire page with all the countries that are part of the empire.

As a user, you can choose the leader country of the empire.

Changing the empire leader has consequences for awards, as the leader country is the only one competing for awards. Voting for boycotts is also open for the empire leader only. The listing of countries in the top 300 and its ranking in general, shows the empire leaders only. All other countries in the empire are listed at the end of the country list.

Changing the empire leader can be repeated once per 10 game months. More frequent changes will make it possible to vote many times for a boycott.

Most players make the country with the highest score in the empire as a leader, and increase the chance of receiving an award.

The hall of fame too, now shows the leading country only.

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