Workers in Corporations

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What is Simcountry?
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Workers in Corporations

When created, each corporation is designed to employ a certain number of workers. There are many groups of employees. Workers: (Low, middle, and high level), managers: (low, middle, high level and executives), high-tech engineers, senior engineers and executives.

The numbers depend on the type of the corporation (The product it produces). Many agricultural products corporations hire mainly workers, some managers and executives but no high tech employees. High tech services corporations hire large numbers of high tech workers.

When a corporation produces at 50% of its capacity, it may do so with 50% of the workers in all professions.

If the number of high-level workers available to the corporation is only at 20% of what it needs, it will not produce at a higher level even if there are sufficient numbers of employees available in all other professions. It is essential to make sure that workers are available or production will be damaged or even stop.

The numbers hired, needed, their salaries and many other details are available on the corporation pages.

If a corporation is upgrading its efficiency, the number of workers needed is changing. With each efficiency upgrade, the number of low and medium-level workers needed is reduced. The number of high-level workers is increased slightly and also the number of executives and high-tech workers is increased.

This shift in the numbers needed, repeats itself with each upgrade. The number of workers needed is decreasing and even with the higher salaries of the higher-level professionals that are increasing in numbers, the total amount of salaries is slightly decreased with every upgrade.

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