Countries with very large population

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What is Simcountry?
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Countries with very large population

When population numbers pass the 60m mark, the patterns become less clear. It is in fact undefined. We expect the population in countries to remain under 60 m but further growth has not been blocked.

Countries with more than 60 to 70 Millions may see the population numbers fall. These countries may end up with larger groups of older people.

The formula's that compute numbers in age groups depend on changes in numbers in specific groups when the total population is above 60 to 70 Millions.

The population functions in countries with more than 100 Millions are unstable and numbers will decline faster. At larger numbers, the process is even more unstable with too many dependencies and we advise presidents not to base their economies on such very large population.

The main reason for these limitations is the difference between starting countries with population of 5 to 6 Millions and the largest countries with very large population. The difference is in fact too large as it is and population numbers should not increase beyond these levels.

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