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What is Simcountry?
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Efficiency of Corporations

When created, corporations use a basic production process, which is part of their design, which makes them employ a fixed number of workers in different levels (High level workers, High-tech engineers etc.). All corporations are created at an efficiency level of 100.

You may decide to increase the efficiency of your corporations. To achieve this, you must upgrade your corporations and allow them to purchase efficiency upgrades. These products are costly but the investment may pay back.

Efficiency upgrades will make a corporation produce the same amount of product but use a smaller number of workers. It will use a much smaller number of low-level workers and medium level but require more high level workers, managers of all levels and high tech engineers and executives. In addition, it may slightly increase the need for High-tech services the corporation will purchase and use in the production process.

The main advantage of the efficiency upgrades is a reduction in the number of workers that are involved with each corporation. It makes it possible to build more corporations in the country with the same population level.

Each Efficiency upgrade you purchase for the corporation will increase the efficiency by 1 point. You can increase the level of state corporations from the initial 100 up to 200.

Upgraded public corporations can now reach a level of 225. A level of 250 is also possible but this level is reserved to public corporations that have most of their shares traded on the market and the largest shareholder owns less than 25% of the shares.

As a corporation becomes older, its efficiency will automatically decline. It declines by 1 point each 8 to 10 game months but this interval may change in the future.

A corporation that was fully upgraded will use a smaller workforce. The reduction can reach up to 40% compared to the workforce needed when the corporation is not upgraded. Salary costs will remain at the same level or may increase slightly.

Repeated upgrading of many corporations will increase the need for high-level workers, managers, executives and high tech employees. The education system must be tuned to produce them. If not, the economy will be short of these professionals and corporations might reduce production or stop production altogether if they are unable to find the workers they need.

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