Employment level in your country

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Employment level in your country

Building corporations will result in shortage of workers. Your population is limited and if the economy is growing, unemployment will decrease and some groups of workers will show shortages.

When workers shortages occur, corporations are forced to decrease production and they may make losses instead of profits. When they make losses, they do not pay taxes.

You can reduce the number of workers in corporations and keep the production up. This is achieved by upgrading the efficiency in corporations. Corporation upgrades carry a high cost but they reduce the total number of workers that are needed in the corporations.

The number of low-level workers is decreased but a small number of high-level workers, managers and high tech people are needed to replace them.

The total number of workers will decrease with every efficiency upgrade but more high level workers and engineers will be needed. If many corporations are upgraded to a very high level, it will be possible to build more corporations and create a strong economy with high income and large tax payments.

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