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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Find and buy corporations

Most countries have 12 to 150 corporations and some are very successful. As an enterprise leader, you may search and find such successful corporations and make bids to purchase them. Some of the corporations cannot be purchased as countries may label up to 24 corporations as national industries.

To purchase such a corporation, you must make an offer, giving other enterprises the opportunity to bid for the same. The corporation will be awarded to the highest bidder about 24 hours after the first bid came in. Bidding will start at a minimum price as determined to be a fair start price for the corporation.

Bidding may continue by multiple bidders who are increasing their bidding price up to the closing moment when the corporation is awarded to the highest bidder. A bid can be withdrawn in the first 10 to 15 minutes after it was made. It becomes definitive after that and cannot be retracted.

Retracting bids is impossible as a withdrawal makes the previous bid highest while that bidder may have decided to go for another corporation or loaned his money away after realizing that his bid for the corporation is not the highest.

During the bidding process, the corporation can become more successful and its market value may increase. If the market value of the corporation increases during the bidding process and becomes higher than the highest bid, than a higher bid is needed to purchase the corporation. If a higher bid is not available at the closing of the bidding process and the market value of the corporation is higher than the highest bid, than the corporation will not be sold.

Many corporation owners, mainly presidents, are unhappy to see their corporations taken over by private enterprises. Although they may receive a very high price for these corporations and increase their cash position and assets, takeover of corporations, is considered unwelcome by many players. Presidents can use a game setting that makes it impossible to purchase their corporations. This is not in their own interest but many do not yet understand the advantages of private and public corporations in their countries.

This is changing to the better as they understand as more of them understand the benefits of such corporations to their countries.

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