Countries, Continents and Regions

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Countries, Continents and Regions

If you look around the Simcountry site, you will find four worlds and their characteristics. Currently all of these worlds are active and are running for some time.

On the world home page, you can see the world map. When you zoom into it there are more details of the continents, regions, and if you push even further, the details of each country.

All the countries in the world have their own detailed maps. They show the capital city, along with the large cities in each country and even the small towns. It shows highways and other roads, railroads, corporations, military bases etc. You can click on each of these objects and see what it is.

The names of all the objects and the number of people in each city are detailed. You can zoom into the corporation details and view their financial and production data. All objects are under your control and you may also change their names to your own choice.

When playing the game you always see your own country but you may also look at others, view their maps, their data and military power. Some details can be declared secret by the president and will not be visible.

Table of Contents:

1. Worlds
2. The world Features
3. Continents
4. Regions
5. Countries
6. The President or leader of the country
7. Cities and Towns in Simcountry
8. Map of the country
9. Country map view is optional
10. The map menu - customizing maps
11. Country maps during war
12. Miles and kilometers
13. Name and Flag
14. Repainting country maps
15. Empires - Groups of Conquered Countries
16. Empires
17. Empire Leader Country Privileges
18. Large Empires
19. Funds and population transfers within an empire
20. Messages redirected to the empire leader
21. Rebellions
22. Transfer of people between conquered countries
23. Transfer of weapons between conquered countries
24. Transfer of funds between conquered countries
25. Failure of Countries and Bankruptcies
26. Un-registering conquered countries
27. Disasters and disaster relieve
28. Civil unrest
29. Education as a cause of civil unrest
30. Health as a cause of civil unrest
31. Social security as a cause of civil unrest
32. Transportation as a cause of civil unrest
33. Reinitializing Abandoned or Terminated Countries
34. Countries without a president
35. The Security Council in Simcountry
36. Resolutions
37. Security Council rules
38. Security Council Decisions
39. Security Council and the use of Nukes
40. Termination

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