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It's the economy, stupid...

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  It's the economy, stupid...


Thursday, December 18, 2003 - 10:26 pm Click here to edit this post
Thanks for the compliments and for your real involvement in the game and trying to make it better.

We know what the title of this thread means and we always hoped that people will play it mainly for the economic part.

You should beleive me when I say the we have a list of at least 5 times the size of the game that we think should be built in. For many of the subjects we have now a basically simple approach and we have much more sophisticated functions in mind.

Part of the list is based on ideas from players, part is ours.

Whenever we discuss any idea here or we get a suggestion, we can go for hours developing the ideas, discussing and ading stuff to the list. It is great to do and this is also how we developed it in the first place.

We more often do not do it and I am strongly against day dreaming as it ends with frustration which I also see in some of your comments.

In two hours, we can invent enough work for all our engineers for 6 months. These days we know that it is not going to happen so quickly.

We do think that there should be a game like this on the internet and development should continue.

The cost involved however is incredible and to date, no party is found yet that would go for a full blown effort.

In the hot days of the internet, many may have been available. At the time however, we were busy with a previous software operation that in fact provided us the means and freedom to make this game.

We will continue this as fast as we possibly can. We will devote most of our time to the economy and most our plans are in the economic part.

The war part is important to many and it should work correctly. Hence the effort to make some corrections and then we hope to close this issue for some time and stop the changes that irritate everyone.

We will then start adding to the economic part and you will all get angry because of these changes and also angry that we do not change and improve fast enough. Never mind. That's OK too.

My daughter received her PhD in Economics today.
Thank you.
She is not involved in any way in the development but I used the opportunity to ask some of het highly educated colleages about similar developemts and there are none they knew about.

Moreover, they started telling me what to add to the game. I realized that I am not interested in making this so complex to play that we will end up with the three IQ 200s around.

We need to keep this game a game and playeble, enjoyable for larger groups of people or otherwise it will not be able to survive.


Thursday, December 18, 2003 - 10:32 pm Click here to edit this post
I did not mean to discourage anyone from making new suggestions. We really want to make the game more interactive and for players to communicate and cooperate much more.

Any ideas will be very welcome.

The common market is a small example and any ideas to improve it and any other or similar features are welcome.


Friday, December 19, 2003 - 01:06 am Click here to edit this post
Music to my ears! And congratulations to your daughter! Do you have to call her Doctor now?

Catholic Zone of Civilization and Prosperity

Friday, December 19, 2003 - 05:33 am Click here to edit this post

Thanks for accepting the input.

Hectors Dream,

The serious problem with common markets is that as long as products are in shortage (as they are now), a President or CEO with upgraded corporations can make ALOT more money selling his goods on normal international trade.

Therefore, most products you need can't be purchased on the common market.

The one large advantage is for newbies exporting with non-upgraded corporations, as they can find relatively exclusive (i.e. only other common market members can do it) buyers for their products.


Saturday, December 20, 2003 - 01:07 pm Click here to edit this post
Here are a few initial suggestions, relatively simple ones that may not require enormous amounts of coding:

1. Add a string of "tick" boxes down one side of the corporation pages for each type of corporation action (upgrading, salaries, etc.) so players can tick corps on or off when they do a general field action. That way players can perform actions on corps in groups (for example, upgrading all corps but unticking weapons and ammo corps), or raising salaries in selected ticked corps. Mostly mechanical.

2. Get rid of the five or six month rule for goods on the market. They go to cut-rate sale immediately at that point. Allowing prices to drop steadily for goods left on the market will maintain a more competitive market with countries now having a higher spending limit. This should be relatively easy.

3. Add a third option to selling prices that allows players to set the starting price in relation to the corps own product quality. For example, corps can be told to sell at +5 or -10 or whatever points in relation to the corps own quality of product. This might require a little more work but should not be too hard.

4. Add an option to buying prices that either automatically goes to Immediate purchase after a set number of months, or which allows players to set the amount of time which elapses before buy orders go immediate. This should be relatively easy.

5. Allow contracts to be transferrable between countries (or even between corps?). All parties would have to agree, of course. Don't know if this is possible without much coding.

6. Important one: At least test for a while NOT having the game make market interventions to supply goods in shortage. Let the market do its work, even if it means occasional collapses or players manipulating prices and perhaps evening cornering the market on certain goods.

7. Allow players to decide non-default amounts of goods purchased by corporations when they buy. They might either set a quantity amount when purchasing is triggered, or a dollar amount (interesting because it posits buying more when prices are cheaper). In fact, if possible, let players decide the trigger level for purchasing (whether in absolute numbers or in months of supply in stock). This may require more coding than is possible now.

Oops, have to take my daughter to a friends house. Back in a bit with more...

La Republica del Mertana

Saturday, December 20, 2003 - 05:59 pm Click here to edit this post
Can someone explain the arithmetic behind this Cash Flow Data.
Its from the second month of newly started corp.

Cash at start of previous month 0.00M
Salaries paid -120.80M
Interest paid 0.00M
Materials bought -940.35M
New loans taken 0.00M
Loans paid back 0.00M
Tax paid -2,757.27M
Profit payment paid -298.70M
Upgrades bought 0.00M
Damage repair bought 0.00M
Turnover 0.00M
Cash transfer 0.00M
Cash at start of this month -14,302.34M

Question why this hefty tax at a zero income?
Why is cash start of this month -14,302.34M?
In the General Data is
Turnover current month 960.36M
Cash 5,592.10M

Why is This month different to current month?
What does Cash refer to?

It looks like a random generator behind this.

Rugnar Geer
Former President of Kalindra
Former CEO of Geer & Son


Saturday, December 20, 2003 - 06:09 pm Click here to edit this post
Rugnar: Without looking in more detail, I bet your corp bought well over 10B in commodities that are factors in its production. I'm guessing that the corp now has a 20B loan, right?

The taxes are because of the accounting system, based on one-year profit and loss info. I think it is an odd factor in the game that taxes are done this way for new corps.

Suggestion 8: Tax holiday for new corps for the first tax period they are in existence (up to 11 months, depending on when they are built in the year). This will help new corps stay in business long enough for players to get them running (especially if the players plan the construction for the early part of the year).

La Republica del Mertana

Saturday, December 20, 2003 - 06:53 pm Click here to edit this post

This corp as no loans when checking Amount of Debt in your Corporations
It has Cash 5,592.10M and no loans.



Saturday, December 20, 2003 - 07:30 pm Click here to edit this post
What is the name of the corp? Where is it? And look at the corp itself, and it's own specific loan info listed halfway down the corp page (and not at the financial info at the top of the corp page and not at the general country corp loan page). Your new corp CANNOT have 5.5 Billion dollars without having taken a loan.

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