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"Peace only" country feature - Rendered Useless

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  "Peace only" country feature - Rendered Useless


Tuesday, December 16, 2003 - 05:17 am Click here to edit this post
Countries are conquered each game month. We had periods with many conquests, it is now average one per game month on GR for the last period.

Those countries are either 1) C3's, 2) Countries given from friend to friend, 3) inactive and undefended countries or 4) The very rare active country which isn't covered by a decent amount of federation air cover.

They are NOT notable conquests. Any of them.

Where the money argument comes in is unclear to me.
I do not think that the total income we have from the game, pays even for one day of our engineers each month. If we were doing it for the money, we were out of here long ago.

I understand that you aren't making money off of the game, but I think that eventually you could if only you would quit driving everyone away from it.

Let the people who want to make this a better game help Jozi. Please. From TNN, to Jinson's data gathering, to Avalon's war guides there is SO effort being put into making this game a better community, more user-friendly, and more fair and balanced. And it seems like you don't care.

I think what Jackle is referring to about the money is a perception by nearly all simcountry players. We can't see any other reason that multiple accounts are allowed at an obvious detriment to the game. We can't see any reason why you've made countries invincible except to get a few extra $5 chunks per month under the misperception that you're retaining more players than you're driving away. If there is some other reason, then please by all means let us know.

I'm sure Jinson could show you the data of how much the simcountry chat room picked up once the war started, and how much it died when you stopped the war.

The war system as it is is not fair. It is unbelievably biased towards the defender. Far moreso than it has ever been during the existence of the game. So what has changed? Why are there all of a sudden invincible countries?

We've wasted many hundreds of hours planning and building for something you've taken away from us Jozi. Surely you can see that and have a little sympathy on our need for an answer.

Nothing is invincible but it can be made very difficult.

I'm sorry Jozi, but so long as a defender does a few simple things like continually buying weapons during the attack, a country CAN be literally made invincible. And with an army of only about 550k men (give or take a hundred thousand depending on federation size, location, and population.) Surely it can't be too hard for you to magically give yourself some weapons and find this out for yourself on me.

Thats OK, why not. Invincible too is not wrong. But two huge armies can grind each other to dust even if no one wins.

Surely you must realize what a huge dynamic you are taking out of your game when you abolish major wars. Not to mention the "peace-only" dynamic you've taken out by making countries invincible.

When countries are invincible no two huge armies are going to grind each other to dust. No two
huge armies are going to be built because we're not stupid. We know better than to waste time like that.

I'm sorry for the upset nature of my posts these past few days, but simcountry has been a big part of my life for the past few months. I've sacrificed other things in my life for this game recently, and now I find out it was all a waste. As it stands right now I'm only going to log into my countries until I get the top awards (should be a couple months for my CEO, and a few more for my country.) After that, hopefully Avalon, Erehwon, and others will be working on their own game by then.



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