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What is Simcountry?
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Simcountry: A realistic simulation game?

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La Republica del Mertana

Saturday, December 13, 2003 - 08:44 pm Click here to edit this post
Some thoughts from a Newbie

I started playing here because Simcountry got a good reading in a magazine.

I have bought and played games since the early eighties. I have played online games for years and the latest was Neverwinter Nights. I have a lot to compare with. All online games have been free of charges so far. This is the first time I have paid and of course expect the game to be fairly free from bugs and easy to get started.

My opinion is that Simcountry is like one of the text based games I played in the early eighties. A lot of reading and no action. Text based games can be good if they have a story to tell.
The story told here is that on this forum. I like reading the threads and the people behind the messages. We are like any President or CEO in the world. Some are dominant and convincing others are more quiet and calculating or we can say diplomatic.

The player interface is a mess. Itís a document with some hypertext links with very little logic. Only one example, when you press the Contact us button you get the mail address to the Webmaster, but somewhere in the text I found 3 contact alternatives Webmaster, Gamemaster and one more. I canít find that place again.. Itís the same story for many links you find something useful and cant find it again.
Of course you will eventually get used to this and live with it if the rest is interesting.

I have no job so I can play as much as I want. I think I have spent more than 12 hours a day for 2 weeks trying to understand the dynamics and logics of this game. What is the result of changing one number here and an other number there. Looking at my score which can change by the hundreds between consecutive game months the AI must be chaotic. The score is the only interesting thing and the ultimate goal is to get such a high score that you can play free for ever.
A fair question is how much it will cost to reach the top in real $, and is it possible ? I think it will be too expensive and itís not possible.

According to latest rule change a new player might be attack after 100 game months if she/he takes the evil path of war.

A question to Hectors Dream do you think that you can create a country ,that can attack the monkeys, and survive within that time frame.?

End of ranting

Rugnar Geer
President of Kalindra and Mertana
CEO of Geer & Son


Saturday, December 13, 2003 - 09:46 pm Click here to edit this post
A question to Hectors Dream do you think that you can create a country ,that can attack the monkeys, and survive within that time frame.?

Depends on a LOT of things. It's very possible that you could create a country that could attack the Monkeys and not be conquered in retaliation. Conquest is very difficult, and only becoming moreso.

By "attack" you could mean one of three things though. 1) attack, 2) damage, or 3) conquer.

1) Yes, you could technically attack.

2) You could only do very little damage unless you had hordes of contracts coming in every month. And I mean HORDES.

3) Overtaking a Monkey country in their homeland Taylor Desert though, I'd have to say no, unless you a) catch someone totally off-guard, b) are a land neighbor to us, c) once again have tons and tons of contracts coming in and d) have about a thousand other things go your way.

During this entire World War only some minimal non-bug damage has been done to Taylor Desert Monkey countries, and at great cost to the attacker. No TD countries have been taken.

Sorry, I'm not Hectors Dream, he has a lot on his plate right now, but I think he'd agree with me.

Hectors Dream

Wednesday, December 17, 2003 - 10:47 am Click here to edit this post
short answer: Yes, if I understand you.

Sorry for taking so long to respond.

Longer answer:

I could build a country capable of surviving drawn out attacks, unless it were a land neghbor. Even in that case, I could build it so that it would take a long, long, long time to conquer it (and might just make it impossible).

I could make an empire containing eqiuvalent defenses of the entire federation in that amount of time, or less. After I quit my first empire on fearless, it took me about 1.5 real months after re-registering to exceed the then-#1 ranked empire, and defeat him.

Conquering some of the lesser-defended colonies would also be quite doable.

Conquering any of the mainland countries would be all but impossible without using bugs, and exceedingly difficult using them massively (although if they were used on both sides, then defense would be impossible). I am very technical in stating 'all but impossible'; it is precisely what I mean and not an understatement.

The limits on transfers, combined with federation sharing of defenses (but not offensive sharing), meant that any country attacking an active player in a federation would be facing the entire shared army with what they could muster in a single country. Combined with the much cheaper cost and greater effectiveness of defnesive weapons, as well as the larger array of tactics available to a defender, this made large wars almost impossible (The chairwaoman of the Mutual Defense Leagure, almoth/elle, complained of the tediousness of invulnerability after reaching the same ive recently reminded her).

The 10k attack limit chnged that, and made it so that any attacker woudl face the total shared federation army - limited only by how many units can be fit into 25 countries - using only a tiny fraction of the army inside that single country.

Given the fact that in attacking taylor desert, I would be using a tiny fraction of one countrys army against a massive, shared, and well-supplied conglomerate of approximately 100 countries defenses, then no...I could not reasonably expect to conquer any of them. Neither can anyone else.

To a trivially lesser extent this is true of every federation and empire above a certain minimum size in the game.

The score is the only interesting thing and the ultimate goal is to get such a high score that you can play free for ever.
A fair question is how much it will cost to reach the top in real $, and is it possible ? I think it will be too expensive and itís not possible.

I find score the least intersting thing. It boils down to in-game money and time spent. All other influences are trivial.

Therefore, on golden rainbow , lacking resets and conflict, players get to the top by waiting around and loaning out money. Existing empires have huge advantages [ It was easier to conquer when most ofthem were built up, they have already optimized their corporations and can rid out market swings, they hvae vast resources of population and defense that would take new players many real months to acquire, and their income is ever-increasing due to massses of loans given most cases, far faster than any theoretical new player could increase their own income].

Aslo, most of the top empires started when the playerbase and competition on golden rainbow were much smaller. It has gotten more difficult with time, and continues to be more difficult.

Unless either wars become plausible (and im not certain even lifting the limits will do it :) ), the scoring system is overhauled massively (made ot ignore assets at the lease, and probably emphasize the common market option much more), or both...then I dont think you will be 'getting to the top' any time soon.

Sit around and wait for your turn at the gravy train. Thats a good summary for the 'competition' on golden rainbow, in my humble opinion.

La Republica del Mertana

Monday, December 22, 2003 - 02:49 pm Click here to edit this post
First a reminder
Golden Rainbow is intended to be a friendly world where the economy will be the winner. War remains part of the game and defense is essential but when good defense is taken care of, the goal will be to build a strong economy to win.

Now some odd things:
You have chosen to build a corporation that will produce Books And Newspapers.The maximum production of such a corporation is 12,000,000 units per year.
end quote--
My Book & News corporation has a max capacity of 1,000,000 units/year. What can I do to reach the higher production?
Below is a list of corporations in La Republica del Mertana. These companies fall into three types: State Companies are government owned but can be bought by an enterprise. National Industries are protected from this. Private Corporations are owned by an enterprise. You can change which state owned companies are national industries. We advise you to make sure that the companies that are most important to you are national industries. You can have up to ten
national industries
end quote--
Why, ten national industries. In other documents I have seen 12 and 24..?

Where can I find the immigration index?

In the Financial Details for La Republica Deel Mertana there are many graphs to look at I have tested them all some are corrupted at my computer but some are readable and some just donít make sense for me. Can someone explain this ĎPension for Pensioner 4% Ď and at the graph you can read ĎMarket interest Rateí



Monday, December 22, 2003 - 04:02 pm Click here to edit this post
12 million units per year is the base production for B&N corps.

1 million units which you mentioned is its monthly production.

To raise production, raise your corporation salaries.

That 10 national corporation statement is just something that they apparently didn't update. The current national corporation limit is 24.

You can find the immigration index in the country index downloads.

The last one regarding the graph titles and the graph labels themselves is kinda confusing. Seems there're a couple of errors in the pension portion especially the last 2 fields. *I may be wrong, haven't really taken note of this issue*

TNN SimNews

La Republica del Mertana

Monday, December 22, 2003 - 08:51 pm Click here to edit this post
Thank you TNN

The immigration index was indeed well hidden.


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