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Financial index

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Lions foot

Friday, February 06, 2004 - 11:10 pm Click here to edit this post
spending should not depend on financial index. it leads to such situations as when ultra rich man that has so much money he doesnt need to work for his next hundred lives cant buy a candy at local store. if he did, half of his posessions would self destruct as he has no income and is heavily overspending... his financial index would be 0 as he is financially bankrupt.

same is hapening to my countries (they just arent ultra rich). with increased spending limit orders can be larger. with different delivery time and payments issued at delivery, huge ammounts can pile on a single month, causing my financial index to drop even below 100. and game tries to prevent me from destroying my countries by doing it for me :), wiping out large parts of education infrastructure... it is interesting that it doesnt prevents me to build new, just destroys it right after it is built (not sure how high index was as it was bouncing around 100 for several months).

my countries are in best shape from my start, but obviously with 10T savings on the edge of bankrupcy, that such messures must be taken, when i spend 10B more than i earn in a single month.

such drastic measures should occur when country is low on cash (loans included) together with low financial index.

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