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OIL... Whats the deal...?

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  OIL... Whats the deal...?

Colcafe incorporado

Tuesday, October 21, 2003 - 08:57 pm Click here to edit this post
Hey guys, just wanted to ask something.

My oil corps keep closing like nothing. I had about 10 and now I'm down to 3. What am I doing wrong. This is driving me nuts. I can't keep them open :(

Some PALEZZE Help meh!!!

outpost 1

Tuesday, October 21, 2003 - 09:27 pm Click here to edit this post
the market was flooded with all the transfers

coming back to normal now as corps close


Tuesday, October 21, 2003 - 11:40 pm Click here to edit this post
I wish that were true.

As long as C3s keep building oil, gas, and car corps when a shortage of those things exists (regardless of whether or not the corps can make a profit due to the low prices), the market will take an extraordinarily long time to return to normal.

Meanwhile, my infrastructure is self-destroying in massive amounts now that my finance index has dropped below 90 due to the Gas/Car basis of my economy, and the fact that those corps make little if any money in the new economy of GR. And the money stash I do have left is merely sitting in my treasury, as there isn't any market for loans.

I'll be surprised if I'm still playing come next month.


Wednesday, October 22, 2003 - 03:21 am Click here to edit this post
well it's definetly an interesting market. What I noticed was killing my oil corps was their purchase of services.

Cars .. seemed to be steel. The Jury is still out but it seems I may have saved them buy contracting those items.


Wednesday, October 22, 2003 - 04:48 am Click here to edit this post
I think missouri is right, the price of oil is severely depressed, combine slacking oil profits, with skyrocketing service prices, and it's recipe for disaster.


Wednesday, October 22, 2003 - 10:44 am Click here to edit this post
well every world ive played on has had at least one financial breakdown / economic crisis.

Hymland, remember when on kebir you couldnt get services on the open makret for less than + 50?

Hectors Dream

Wednesday, October 22, 2003 - 01:19 pm Click here to edit this post
Geez, you call a surplus in a few products a "recipe for disaster?"

Dont get me wrong, all my countries are rotting hulks, financially speaking, for similar reasons. However, It was predicatable! Those who thought ahead coudl have redesigned their countries to accoutn for it ( afwe that I know of did just that). More is logical!

I remember when oil would remain hugely profitable despite massive and continual surpluses. It drove me crazy. Id say that the market is finally starting to work - humans haev actually been able to collectively influence the prices of prodcuts by overbuilding them, for once.

How can that be a bad thing?

Emersonia, check the market history graphs on TNN. there was a huge surplus until recently.

If you want to keep them alive, and cant sell the goods at more or less any price, try the common makret +50, or, if you can sell it at 150 over MP, sell all supplies to the corps at 50 below MP.

At the moment, a fully upgraded car corp purchasing all supplies at market value and selling everything 150% above market will still lose money. However , thoe who can keep them alive long enough for the marklet to bottom out will stnd to make a lot of money.

More importantly, basing an economy on a few procuts clearly makes it vulnerable to price fluctiations in those products. There are MANY products with excellent profits and ppws. Diversity isnt such a bad thing, after all; even if it meansa losing a few precious doleuros when compar3ed to biulding only 1 type of corporation.

If only SimCountries werent intended to make money. Sigh.

Hectors Dream

Wednesday, October 22, 2003 - 01:25 pm Click here to edit this post
correction. there is STILL a surplus of cars and gasoline. Until most peopel shut down their corps, haev them close anyway, or reduce production, the prices will remain rock-bottom for those products :)


Wednesday, October 22, 2003 - 02:01 pm Click here to edit this post
It certainly makes building corps require a bit more thought. Especially coupled with increased

cost of upgrades
company costs increasing as effectivity / quality increases

makes me consider unupgraded corps entirely through common market, which i suspect is what w3 were aiming for

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