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A little role play?

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  A little role play?

The Anubic State of Accacia

Thursday, May 13, 2004 - 10:23 pm Click here to edit this post
that wasnt my point.......... i was just saying the games loosing alot of players right now, and one more Fairly powerfull dont make the situation any better.

anyway, good luck to both of you.

Unitedfools Minor

Friday, May 14, 2004 - 03:10 am Click here to edit this post
FU faith :)
i'm no superpower never was compaired to faith that is. but i was equal or stronger to the average player.

I could have all the luck in the world and it wouldn't save my ass. Faith being the bully that he is has desided to makea atarget out of me for some stupid reason (most probably bordem). Of course he makes up excuses like i started all this its all lies.

The only way the unitedfools empire can survive now is if the world wakes up and finaly see's the truth. Faith is slowly destroying the game by kicking out players. Something as to be done not for my sake but for the worlds sake.

Fairwell and good hunting.

Catholic Zone of Civilization and Prosperity

Friday, May 14, 2004 - 03:50 am Click here to edit this post
CZCP Ministry of Foreign Affairs
December 8, 2187


The horizontal escalation of the hostilities between the United Fools and Faith Empires threatens major trade disruption throughout the world.

Therefore, the CZCP invites any Peaceful Country with a decent economy to apply for membership in the Kemi Club, the Common Market we belong to that was founded by President Ryto. Through common market contracts we can try to keep our corporations, which are free from combat, fully supplied throughout hostilities to try to buffer the impact on international markets.

Axis Mundi

Friday, May 14, 2004 - 08:09 am Click here to edit this post
Im Being Attacked by an allie(at least someone i thought was an allie)! Nevermind aye, it is only a game. Just incase i lose i'll say a big bye to ya all now :)

It has been fun, if not a huge waster of time hehe


Socialist State Of Vegemite Valley

Friday, May 14, 2004 - 11:06 am Click here to edit this post
You speak of allies? You stole a country Unitedfools was going after and then with that loser grey pass along fed messages which cost uf 3 or 4 countries. To every action there is an opposite and equal reaction......

Unitedfools Sparta

Friday, May 14, 2004 - 06:43 pm Click here to edit this post
.... Unitedfools Formal World Address ....

People Of Golden Rainbow You will be pleased to hear that Faith and The government of Unitedfools has come to a peacful agreement. Faith will be handing back the following countries :-
- Unitedfools
- Unitedfools Alpha
- Unitedfools Epson
As well as withdrawing his forces and halting any attacks on out laying unitedfools colonys. Also addressed in this agreement is the handing over of old Imperio Columbia. Many thanks must go to Rob for his help in this afair. I Emperor Ryan also formally apologises for my lack of restraint on the BB.


Friday, May 14, 2004 - 06:55 pm Click here to edit this post
The time has come to return back the Empire United Fools - discussions into the early hours has resulted in a full evacuation of United Fools and Epson -

The Empire would like to express a gratitude to Map Dominion and Pawnkingia in their patience and also the language skills translater for President Baines.

Catholic Zone of Civilization and Prosperity

Saturday, May 15, 2004 - 01:59 am Click here to edit this post
CZCP Ministry of Commerce
March 2, 2188


With the apparent cessation of hostilities, the CZCP begins worldwide commerce again. We jump start trading with the Initial Public Offering for 3 corporations: Save Seatack Software, Saint Catherine High Tech Services, and Saint Monica High Tech Services.

For non-Catholics, Saint Catherine of Siena is one of two patron saints (along with Saint Francis of Assisi, for who are capital is named) of Italy, while Saint Monica is the patron saint of mothers. In addition, Saint Monica's feast day (August 27) is also President Ryto's birthday.

The Anubic State of Sumarto

Saturday, May 15, 2004 - 07:45 am Click here to edit this post
Since the Anubic States have been impressed with the Previous performance of a CZCP corporation, it has devoted its recent purchases to the nation.

Anubic Accounts have purchased a total of 20,000,000 Shares in CZCP corporations equalling a total of 86Billion invested in the Corporations of Saint Monica High Tech Services and Save Seatack Software(if the shares are still available that is).

We hope this may usher in a new Age of economic Co-operation between our to nations.

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