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What is Simcountry?
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Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Apologies...


Friday, February 06, 2004 - 11:35 am Click here to edit this post
My apologies for my absence these last three weeks.

After my last major war ended because it could not be fought without being decided by bugs I decided to take a break from the game. My parting message at that time, "Stuff It," may have been facetious but it really wasn't far off the mark. I was spending far too much time playing the game and found it was interfering with my work and with my life.

Moving to a new country and then spending alot of time in front of the computer instead of making new friends is just an awfully bad thing to do. In the three weeks I have been away from the game, my work has improved and at the same time I have forced myself away from the office by 6pm most nights and don't come in on weekends nearly as much. My social life has improved from a Zero to something more than I can reasonably handle without either becoming a cad or cloning myself. I am fond of this game, but you know, I wouldn't cancel my date for tonight even if it meant losing all my countries.

And after being gone for some time, I know that because my particular methods for running the countries and empire require extremely close and constant attention to every detail, my countries will be in an awful state. They will require hours and hours of work over many days to repair. That alone helped to keep me away longer.

But I do miss the give and take, and I see that Josi and his crew are actually making some changes for the better. And I would not like to have left my allies in the lurch. Here is what I intend: I will keep playing, but I am going to be much less active than before.

If that means that I can't keep up and become a war target, then that's OK. Neither do I intend to take any more prizes. That is by intention - after making repairs, I can win either President or CEO prize nearly any month I choose, and I choose not to do so. I have nothing but praise and respect for the playing skills and honorable behaviour of my opponants and allies both, and want it to be clear that I expect no special treatment or immunity.

Honestly, I don't know how much longer I will continue to play, even on this less-than-all-out basis. My work is frantically busy and usually satisfying, and I'm having the time of my life outside of the office. But I would like to remain involved in this game. It remains an ambition of mine to design a game that incorporates geography, socio-economics, and a unit/maneuver military componant.

Again, my apologies for remaining silent these past weeks. I almost didn't come back. Now that I'm back, I expect no special treatment and will live with whatever happened during my absence and with any continuing results.

Socialist State Of Vegemite Valley

Friday, February 06, 2004 - 01:31 pm Click here to edit this post
Welcome back


Friday, February 06, 2004 - 03:19 pm Click here to edit this post
If that means that I can't keep up and become a war target, then that's OK

With the new, accumulating spending limit, I only log in once a day any more. Logging in three times a day wouldn't really help that much.


Friday, February 06, 2004 - 09:54 pm Click here to edit this post
Go out dating on one hand, on the other hand, socializing online with some addicted self-appointed demi-gods(that are fun to talk to most of the time). Hmmm, Tough choice. That would be like choosing between Elle Mcpherson and George Costanza(Seinfield). Worse still his neighbor Newman. New country with new friends, MMMMMMAAAAAANNNNNN, go for it. Party hard for me.


Friday, February 06, 2004 - 09:56 pm Click here to edit this post
BTW, no need to apologize for actually having a life. :~P

Lions foot

Friday, February 06, 2004 - 11:53 pm Click here to edit this post
you made quite an impact on state corporations just by leaving. as you left, loan shortages soon became apparent and many corps were taking loans from world bank. some were collecting those with 12% interest rate as there is no tomorrow...


Sunday, February 08, 2004 - 12:05 pm Click here to edit this post
Nice to have you back Matt.


Monday, February 09, 2004 - 02:53 am Click here to edit this post
Aye welcome back, though personally, I'd say concentrate on the dating. No offense to everyone, but it's more fun.

Defenders Corporation

Monday, February 09, 2004 - 06:15 am Click here to edit this post
Welcome back. It is great to “have a life” and to also place those life priorities in proper perspective. I too have “scaled back” dramatically. One Country and One CEO. All the others are on “auto-pilot” and peaceful status. Sent you an e-mail. ;-)

PS: No apology needed. I’m sure every player can agree with that.

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