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What is Simcountry?
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Saturday, October 11, 2003 - 01:43 am Click here to edit this post
just reviving the last comment of hymys. I think its interesting :)

SKP sun

Saturday, October 11, 2003 - 11:54 am Click here to edit this post
Heh, well some exploits/cheats/creative-ways-of-playing have been in the game for so long with no effort from W3C to plug them, that they have become kind of 'soft exploits' that folks dont necessarily consider cheating anymore. However, taking the moral high ground whilst employing 'soft exploits' would mean that some countries would be morally obliged to suicide :)

Imperio Colombiano

Sunday, October 12, 2003 - 05:27 pm Click here to edit this post
Thank you. I was waiting for some one to say that.

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