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What is Simcountry?
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Is TNN dead?

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Is TNN dead?


Saturday, October 18, 2003 - 10:51 am Click here to edit this post
The Total News Network, or TNN, seems to be fairly inactive. For example, the last (biweekly) newsletter was posted August 24. I think TNN might be dead. :(


Saturday, October 25, 2003 - 10:29 pm Click here to edit this post
We're alive of course. Just suffering from a shortage of staff or even just player contributions.

When you look into the abyss

Sunday, October 26, 2003 - 09:51 pm Click here to edit this post
Jinson is always looking for volunteers and helpers, Nim. If youre willing to contibute, send him a message! some of us would even be willing to help you with guidelines, info , etc.


Monday, October 27, 2003 - 05:15 am Click here to edit this post
I was just wondering, because TNN is such a great site, but it seemed to be dead/dormant. If you want my help, my response is a definite maybe. I don't know how much I can help--full time at school, plus I'm only a "pretty good" player. Before resets I hovered around 240, and I don't think I've gotten that much better. And as far as war experience, 10000 Heavy Jeeps for 4-6 hours = One conquered country.

Rivendalle No Ceos Please

Monday, October 27, 2003 - 07:04 pm Click here to edit this post
Hmmm ... i would be interested in that ... i might volunteer to do any position that tnn would give me :)

The Soviet Union

Tuesday, December 02, 2003 - 07:02 pm Click here to edit this post
TNN...I don't know if it is possible...but can't you download the whole script of this game...and
put this game on tnn...WITHOUT resets?


Tuesday, December 02, 2003 - 08:19 pm Click here to edit this post

New Technologies Inc

Tuesday, December 02, 2003 - 09:13 pm Click here to edit this post
lol, I agree with Grokaya :)

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